Monday, July 23, 2007

Essay from Hell, how I love you Brainiac 5

here is the deal...
a dude by the name of Timothy Callahan is doing a book on the LSH and through another blog I got directed toward his. I saw what the book was on and being a fan of the LSH, I yammered about topics that could be used and he said I should write about one of these topic which was: Character developement of Brainiac 5 in the Post Zero hour continuity. See, I love this character so much, he is my favorite in all of fiction, the post zero hour version. The others are cute and all, but I still love my post zero hour one the best. If you have read my blog or journals at all, you can see I am not so good with the formal mind goes a thousand miles an hour, as does my speech, with random studders and my fingers are getting better at typing my thoughts...but they are so random. I sent a version that was so random, I think it disturbed him...then after Miss Joni had time to read it, she has been looking at my rambling for 10 years, she sat me down and said: "ok we are going to write an outline for you to follow." so based on the first draft she asked questions of me, who is an encyclopedia at this point, about the character. She corrected my first paragraph, gave me some rules to follow: "no I's or me's, no questions, state it if you think it." sent the Callahan dude the first page to make sure it was more of what he was looking response....I am worried....hope he did not give up on me. this thing is july 31st. ARRRRGH! I am trying so hard. But I lack focus, even when I want to do stuff, and I have such a short attention span...see I will be into something for like a week...but my current barricade, my job, prevents me from doing stuff and sucks the life out of me, so I look like a lump on a log.
but strangely enough I managed to get two pages of the outline completed, except one part I skipped. Brainy and Lyle's relationship....I have so much to say, yet can't express it. If you ask me about it, I will yammer on for ever.
sigh...time to go find a place to write...home is not a good place, to many distractions, someday a studio would be nice,
that has an air conditioner that works.



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