Tuesday, July 10, 2007

lessons on contemporary art

Contemporary Art Appreciation with Emphasis on: Illustration, Concept, and Sequential Art

No websites today, well technically yesterday... [work 3pm-1am], but a drawing of the teacher. He seem rather forlorn-ed yesterday, I am guessing it is becaused he managed to injury himself at work last week and has been limping around with a cane ever since. Poor kid, hope he is better before going to Comic Con 2007 - San Diego.

Actually this brings up another idea....I have been wanting to draw the 2nd shift co-workers in blood with knives. Like each one just finished killing someone. ponder....hmmmm. I would never show them the work..people can get so snippy if you draw them...that why I usually draw them in one of my other species and then they never know it is them..personly I always find that artist versions of me look much better than the original.

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