Friday, July 06, 2007

True DC Trinity: Bart, Tim, and Kon

I am starting the fan 30+ thumbnails
for the trinity, in the wake of the 2nd members death...

Here is the first one I am working on.

The Angels of Haunting

The Tim sketch
one stick figure is Kon and the rest are Bart.

The Barts and Kon...started...

Well, the Ego died just over a year ago.
The Id died two weeks ago.
Now it is just the Super Ego, all by himself.
wiki Definition
And if you don't believe is the bit from
the Young Justice TPB

Something needs to happen to Tim.
They should kill him.
I cannot see him just going on
after the other two parts of himself have died...
and Bart and Kon would never just settle for death either...they
would find away to haunt Tim.
They were a Trinity! There just has to be more to their story...
I have some very odd ideas....but I could see people either
really liking it or really ticked.

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Blogger rosierjay said...

i'd really like to see that one completed. it would be pretty easy to take your more recent images of bart and use them as extra barts in the background.

6:33 AM  
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