Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I am moving...

in the real world!
actually I have known for a bit,
but I am happy..the place is not much bigger
square foot wise than my current place...
but the space is used better....I have a pantry/linen closet..
suppose I can get linens now...then there is a coat closet...
i have a few of those..there is a bedroom too! but that will be
a storage room with plastic shelves and a table with my
sewing machine...i can finally repair my clothes! hehehe
put all my clothes in that room too, I don't have a bed..
just a roll out one...my cats will love me...so many windows
with ledges that fit their bodies...
an interesting coincidence is that my mom knew someone
who lived in that exact same apartment in 1985
totally not planned...oddness
on the bus line! no more driving in winter, happy day!
less than a mile from The Source
my comic store of choice, across the street from a bookstore, target,
and a mall...then there is the second mall,
only a couple of blocks away, it has all the stores I could need
apple store! borders! dick blick art supply!
easy buses to st paul and Minneapolis...
now I just need to find a job in the area...
at least I am 10 miles closer to the current one...



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