Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Cards

Birthday card designs that i was selling at the last sale...
this is the newer one: finished on June 4, 2009

this one is from a couple of weeks earlier...

and i will admit it... as of last Thursday...
Star Trek = 6 times

Watched an episode of House from 2006 on USA today...
Grunny was in it, now i know why he looked so familiar on Heroes..
I have seen the episode of Charmed with Zachary Quinto
many times, but he has got the emo hair in his face,
so i didn't recognize him... the first actor that i really noticed
i had seen before, back when the network first advertised the show
was Adrian Pasdar, because of Judging Amy

but out of all these people i have been watching lately....
i am actually starting to learn their real names... the first i
more than likely saw was Chris Pine on ER
do i remember? no, but i do know i have seen almost all
the episodes multipule times on TNT...
2 episodes a day 5 days a week... i think it has been that way
for almost 10 years now... TNT is awesome... got into
Law and Order because of them...
actually most of the network prime time because i
do not watch network tv... cable has been my friend
for 23 years.. XD

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