Saturday, August 06, 2011

Barricades: James Durbin [@JDurbinAI10] Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

James Durbin - Clips from the after concert barricades.


I just took footage rather than try to take pictures, with plans to grab stills for 'pictures'. Oh my wonderful filming skills.. left the bit in there even when the camera was not on him, for the full effect. I had a hard time keeping track of the camera, while I was getting my picture signed. 

James was quiet and smiled, signed what was there, and didn't seem to mind people taking pictures of him. Gave off a shy, yet positive vibe. Seemed like a decent guy to me. I saw him all about 2 minutes tho. I did see him again when Casey was talking to fans from the bus window. You could see him through the tinted glass and he punched Casey. XD




Note: do have footage of Casey and the bus, it will take some piecing together and cleaning up though.. might be a bit. I just kind of stood there and filmed, I think I may have creeped them out. o_o


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