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In Review: American Idol Live Minneapolis, MN August 3rd

Quick Review:

OMG James was AMAZING! I knew it was coming because I read his tweet and the fact he looked quite annoyed with us during Animal & Forget You, he yelled at us a bit, really no questioning who was loved by MN tho: JAMES!* Followed by Scotty’s 1st song*, Niama*, Finale*, Forget You*, Stefano’s 2nd song*, Casey, Scotty’s 4th song, Haley 2nd song, Paul, and .. the rest of the numbers, pockets of people standing. [* = everyone standing] I was on my feet for James before Steven even finished and was on my on my feet for Scotty as his names was being blasted on the screen. People stood for Stefano's 2nd song when they realized what it was. Naima just asked once.

Longer review of random.


Idol’s signatures [in the order received]:

Thia, Lauren, Casey,
Naima, Paul, Jacob,
James, Scotty, Stefano, Haley
missing: Pia

Note: I did not leave once! Watched every bit of it. I bought my ticket and be damned if I was missing anything. 

JAMES! WAS! FABULOUS! He has an amazing voice. Great energy. Love the rock attitude he brings. His set really made me wish I had floor tickets and the floor was GA [no seats], like the linkin Park show I went to. I don't get the flak James gets for his rocker attitude on stage [or in general].. have these people been to a rock show? He fits right in. Maybe it's has to do with the demographic of the audience because the heavier rock shows seems to be mainly guys and chicks who have no problems being obnoxious. Then many who go to an ai concert, have a different expectation of a concert, much more chilled.

Naima was quite awesome! She made me sing to a jLo song.. I dislike jLo. She was fun to watch.

Scotty, enjoyed him, good vibe, bit odd but good. Voice, a lot higher than expected.

Casey, that boy has got an excellent vibe all around.

Paul, great voice & energy.

Jacob’s dancing XD. Loved him on Animal.

Stefano.. I am happy he kept the shirt on, just bare skin in general bothers me. He really gives it his all though.

Still wish Lauren and James did the WhiteSnake song as a duet, rather than a bit.

Lauren there is something that she did at the barricades that stood out: She made an effort to make eye contact with as many people as possible. Many of the others, it was just the people talking to them, so me in the back with a long reach and nothing to say, doubtful I was even seen, which really is best. So her eye contact caught me off guard. Plus I avoid eye contact and people in general. There is a reason I do my best to only come out at night and avoid the public. Her speaking voice seemed higher than I thought it would be.

That is all I got for specific comments.

-show came off extremely unbalanced in tone and the transitions were strange. I think it has a lot to do with the actually awesome thing about this season, the diversity. I think even if they used last year’s formate, the count down, it still would have been been unbalanced. You need almost a transition song between each person because some of them are so different. Put more similar idol’s closer together, duet or trio transitions and do not divide up people’s sets. I was not quite understanding all the girl group numbers. It was as though TPTB were saying: ‘A girl should have won! A girl should have won! And we are going to prove it!’ which really annoyed me… I do not like being told who I should like, thank you. Really, the pimping just makes the public mad. It is rather condescending actually, telling the public they are not smart enough to chose for themselves the music they like.

There were artist from 2 distinctly different concert formats on 1 stage:

1. Participating in the music. ie singing alone, dancing, play, throw the energy out there and you feel the music that way.
2. Observing in the music. ie you have a drink in one hand, chill, and you just let the music connect with you.

After Show Barricades:
-s10, serious props on autographing skills, they were like a well oiled machine. They got out there and got it done. They were quick but polite, no negative vibes. Then Casey decided to hang out the window of the bus for awhile. I don’t know any of them, but by what they display to the public, they seem like decent people. I hope my just watching them in silents, as they signed things, didn’t creep them out too much. I like to study people.

ETA: just watched some of my vid of the finale.. not awful.. but no. I am quite embarrassed, I sang along the whole time. Singing along on all the vids I took, so they will not be seeing the light of day.

ETA2: took footage of the barricades to grab stills from for pics.. Scotty looks a little scared of us [we weren't too bad], comes off a bit shy but wanting to please fans, and he looks younger. James came off quiet and shy, but willing to make fans happy. He looks younger in person too. Stefano was not going to come out because he was sick, but did anyway and sang for fans. Casey has got such a mellow vibe. Paul really seems to be insanely comfortable at doing this fan thing and the guy is quite handsome. Which my ma, kept repeating. Naima and Lauren are very much into pleasing fans. Haley and Jacob can get it done. Thia zipped through. Lauren is taller than I thought, Scotty is shorter than I thought.

My Ma’s review
-really liked Naima
-Paul was good, but prefers his original material, and handsome
[he is the one my ma picked: if he is on the tour, let's go]
-Casey, loved him
[he was her 2nd fav to paul during the season]
-Scotty is mediocre unless he sings low
-Haley is the best girl
-James is great! Good as Adam. 
-most of the first half was boring
-preferred last year’s concert formate
-too many girl numbers
-too much Pia

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