Friday, March 16, 2012

Unexpected: Journey PS3


finished my first journey.

Journey for PS3, there was a screenshot in my email from the PlayStation Newsletter. It looked interesting so I watched some game play of it on youtube last night. I thought the game had beautiful art and the concept, the character waking up in a desert, anonymous, no text, no talking, only a soundtrack, a note that the character sings and the goal to reach the mountain top... intrigued me. The only games I usually play are Final Fantasy with a bit of Kingdom Hearts, and a dash of Zelda. Mainly Final Fantasy, without that series, I would not own a PSone, PS2, DS, PSP or the PS3 I just got a couple of weeks ago for Final Fantasy XIII-2 [only other game i have besides Journey]. Journey looked like an exploring game, without the monsters, but puzzles... I liked that. The poor little character, monk/nun, had to be bruised, kept trying to get places the game did not want me, so the wind would blow them back down. The underground area made me jump.... Quite enjoyed the sand surfing. Another interesting thing is the game is online and you work with other people, only one other at a time. Because I was putzing, I managed to work with 10 other people... didn't even notice they were different people.. I would lose them and find them, I kept thinking it was the same one. Except the person at the end, their outfit was so ornate.. I thought i missed something. Now I want to take a moment to apologize to those who took time to work with me... absolutely no idea what i was doing. And to the person who trekked through the snow with me, sorry i lost you on the other side of the gate. I flew off in some direction, got suck [glitch] in the mountain and waterfall, took 10 minutes to shimmy out [almost turned off the game]. 

The snow area, the controller kept rumbling, thats when I realized it was the character's heartbeat. That got me. I really like the lack of dialogue in the game and just showing the history through glyphs. The journey of life, it was a rather deep game.

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