Monday, August 06, 2007

Coloring books [manga]

when I look at all those black and white pages
in a manga on newsprint
coloring book comes to mind
and I have actually taken one of my manga
with so colored pencils and colored
people think it was weird
but I have no plans to sell them
I buy everything for a reason
For awhile I would scan in pages and practice....
key coloring,
until I got yelled at by an
anime/manga purist, say what I was doing is wrong
and all I am doing is claiming I am better that the
original artist....really is that what I am saying?
I thought I was learning how to digital color
using artwork I enjoy....baka

anyway I scanned it a panel the other day from Vol 12
of Death Note to show someone Nate does eat...
and decided to color using a technique mentioned to me...
see...learning purist people...
the image was 1" x 2"

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Blogger rosierjay said...

looks cool. seems pretty good as far as animation style at least that's what i call it.
maybe one darker layer on the clothes. but you already have a whole lot more shading than disney ever does... not that i'm bitter. ridiculous.

1:01 AM  

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