Monday, January 21, 2008

what happens when I work...and web bot oracles

So this is what happens when I sketch....bad cat.

Watched Life After People
on the History channel, it is good.
It kinda proves a theory I have, that civilizations don't take much to be erased. It shows the world after 1000 years, not much left: Mount Rushmore and the Pyramids and that is about it. So it is easy to say that many civilizations could have lived on this planet in the past...some may have even left when the Earth got mean. I am talking all those super continents that existed ..
Gondwana (~600 — ~30 million years ago)
Laurasia (~ 300 — ~60 million years ago)
Pangaea (~300 — ~180 million years ago)
Euramerica (~300 million years ago)
Pannotia (~600 — ~540 million years ago)
Rodinia (~1.1 Ga— ~750 million years ago)
[Ga: gigaannum, is a unit of time equal to 10^9 years,
ie. 4.57 Ga (4.57 billion years)]
Columbia, also called Nuna, (~1.8 — 1.5 Ga ago)
Nena (~1.8 Ga)
Kenorland (~2.7 Ga.)
Ur (~3 Ga ).
Vaalbara (~3.6 Ga)
Yilgarn (4.4-4.3 Ga.)
There is evidence that these continents existed, but it is a crevice here, a rock there. This is hardly the whole continents. And if this current version of humans could so easily be erased after 1000 years, why not others...then again remember not all civilizations would be like us...human intelligence is hardly grand. I was bummed to find out that the TV and Radio signals only go 2 light years out, then fall apart.

decided to set an alarm on my mobil phone for 12 midnight December 21, 2012...the world is suppose to end or something..bah I am not into all that..I want to be around when Andromeda and the Milky Way collide.
XD it will be a star filled sky!



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