Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Card Design


Stephen's character breaks...

... are adorable, plus the the disclaimer at the end....
where this is only works for the famous or you will come
across as mentally unbalanced sociopath... gold!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Star Trek 2009 fanvids

these were a couple of the fanvids i have liked for
Star Trek 2009.... i was entertained.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Live long and prosper.. Fav moment of Star Trek 2009

fav moment from Star Trek 2009, love how the music comes in...

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Cards

Birthday card designs that i was selling at the last sale...
this is the newer one: finished on June 4, 2009

this one is from a couple of weeks earlier...

and i will admit it... as of last Thursday...
Star Trek = 6 times

Watched an episode of House from 2006 on USA today...
Grunny was in it, now i know why he looked so familiar on Heroes..
I have seen the episode of Charmed with Zachary Quinto
many times, but he has got the emo hair in his face,
so i didn't recognize him... the first actor that i really noticed
i had seen before, back when the network first advertised the show
was Adrian Pasdar, because of Judging Amy

but out of all these people i have been watching lately....
i am actually starting to learn their real names... the first i
more than likely saw was Chris Pine on ER
do i remember? no, but i do know i have seen almost all
the episodes multipule times on TNT...
2 episodes a day 5 days a week... i think it has been that way
for almost 10 years now... TNT is awesome... got into
Law and Order because of them...
actually most of the network prime time because i
do not watch network tv... cable has been my friend
for 23 years.. XD

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Heroes Season 1, so I watched it...

not an image from Heroes, but a screen capture of
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto from the Star Trek panel
at WonderCon 2009.... i did not go but there was some
footage on Youtube, so grabbed an image...
the chickie filming just screamed at Quinto.

ok, Heroes Season 1,
an enjoyable series.
It is definitely a series to watch on dvd. the cliff hangers would have annoyed the hell out of me if there was a chance i would miss the next episode. i will get season 2 and 3 on dvd.... more than likely whatever comes out. Will I watch season 4 on tv? no, i work a 2nd-3rd shift job. I will do my best to watch it online though... if they stop putting on there, i am out of luck.
I enjoy the cast and like all the characters. at first i did not like the cheerleader, Claire Bennet [Hayden Panettiere], but she grew on me.. well Hayden did, she has got a cool vibe to her. Claire's friend Zach [Thomas Dekker] was adorable. i will be honest, Sylar is a neat character and Quinto does a great job, but he is not my favorite character, i know, i am shocked. No, my favorite character is Matt Parkman [Greg "Grunny" Grunberg], with the dynamic of the Petrelli brothers second... dynamics can be characters in their own right. Other than that, i like them all. i enjoy following all. i also like how they cover many story threads in each episode. this is something that is unusual for me, i like episodic type stories, when it is a series like this, every week a different adventure with small connecting threads as treats for those of us who watch all the time. that is why i was into Star Trek: next generation, Alien Nation [ga, i wish that was on longer, first show i made an effort to watch], South Park, and xfiles [connecting threads were stronger, but you didn't get lost]. but seriously the only reason i do like how the story threads go is because i can watch it all at once. actually, i lost a lot of sleep last week because i could not stop watching because of those threads. the 5 years in the future episode was my favorite i think. i liked how the characters changed so much.... to the point it was almost too much for 5 years. there is also an interesting movie type vibe to the show.... but i can't put my finger on what is causing it. Now for the commentaries: Grunny should be required to be in all all of them, he livens them up no matter who he is with, but the Grunny and Hayden one, fav, they are hiper and insane. Sendhil Ramamurthy entertained too. Jack Coleman had good vibe as well. What can I say, I am a sucker for commentary... especially if they talked about anything but what's on the screen. Heroes people, pretty much stuck to topic... but they stayed chipper = good. My other favorite commentary element = alcohol. Drunk comms are the best, most notable: Trey Parker and Matt Stone's . There are 2 out there that contain: them, a large group of people, a drinking game, other stuff, and end with a run to the titty bar. OK way off in a corner off topic.... well no not really, Heroes people: Drunk commentaries? :D ok well i have rambled enough, of course all my opinions could change with season 2, we will see.

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